It’s Been a Hot Minute…

Lol hey guys what is up!! So it’s definitely been about a month since I blogged haha. School started and has been awesome! Just going through my classes trying to survive college. I’ve also been working a lot saving money to pay for college and other expenses.

Honestly my life hasn’t been very exciting the last month haha. I’ve just been going to school and working and doing homework. I did go on a hike over Labor Day weekend and that was fun! Picture below as always:)

So other than that I haven’t done a whole lot. Over fall break in a month I’m hoping to go to Park City for a day and take a bunch of pictures and go shopping so I’ll have more content to post then. In the mean time, I may not blog a lot because I am focusing on school and work and stuff. If anything crazy exciting happens, I’ll post it.

Thanks for all the support. You guys are the best! Make sure to follow me on my social media accounts. Love you guys!



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