Hall of Breakfast

What is up guys! Happy Sunday to you all. Today I wanna talk about a really fun thing I did this last week. So I went to Niall Monday evening as I talked about and then Tuesday I got to go to this place called the Hall of Breakfast. It’s a place you can go and take pictures and hang out with friends and it’s really fun. It’s just a temporary thing where I live so I went!

There were 10 different rooms with 10 different breakfast foods. For example..there was a room dedicated to eggs which you can see in the picture below.

Then there was a bacon room, an ice cream room, donuts, cereal, pancakes and waffles, a coffee room, and so much more. It was honestly so much fun! Basically it’s just for your basic instagram people to take pictures and post them. Here’s a few more pictures from there.

Yes, a donut swing

Confetti room representing cereal because cereal would be much too messy everywhere

So basically I loved the Hall of Breakfast! I would definitely go again if I had the chance. Thanks for reading today’s upload. Love you guys!



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