Niall Horan…A Dream Come True

Hey guys what is up! Happy Wednesday to you all:) this week has been so great so far! I had the amazing opportunity to go see Niall Horan in concert!! If you guys don’t know who Niall Horan is, he is an Irish singer who used to be in a band called One Direction. He was my personal favorite in the band. Anyways, Monday night I got to go! My amazing boyfriend agreed to go with me so we went together.

I purchased these tickets in November so I have been waiting for what feels like forever for this concert! It was so much fun and amazing and the best night ever.

Picture of Michael and me before the concert

Anyways, it was so amazing! I highly recommend listening to Niall or at least finding out who he is if you don’t know.

The next day I had the opportunity to go to the Hall of Breakfast with my best friends. I will do an extra upload and talk about that tomorrow. Thanks for reading today’s upload. Love you guys!



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