Baby you’re a firework!

Hey guys! Happy Sunday to you all:) today I wanna just share my week with you guys a little bit. As you guys know I went to Paramore on Monday night with my cousin! It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. Tuesday was a Utah holiday called Pioneer Day. The pioneers came to Utah and settled the state and that’s why we celebrate it. Basically it just means more fireworks! Wahoo haha

The rest of the week was not super eventful. I just worked Wednesday and Thursday and relaxed Friday. The weekend was fun. I got to hang out with people over the weekend and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. School starts in just under a month and it’s so crazy! I can’t believe summer is already almost over.

If you guys have any studying tips or anything let me know because I’m horrible at studying for tests and doing my homework haha. Thanks for reading this week! Tomorrow I am going to another concert so I will definitely blog about that on Tuesday or Wednesday. Love you guys!



Pictures I took of fireworks!

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