Paramore concert for the win

What is up you guys! So last night, my cousin and I went to Foster the People and Paramore in concert!! Oh my heck it was so much fun!! We danced and sang and laughed all night long. If you have not heard of Foster the People or Paramore, I highly recommend going and listening to both of them! I wasn’t as familiar with Foster the People but it was still a great time! Paramore released their first album in 2007 I believe and the lead singer was just 14 years old. 14! Now here we are 11 years later and they had a huge come back and are touring again and just released an album in 2017. They are great! Here’s some pictures from last night!

My cute cousin and me

Just a little quick short read for today. Love you guys so much and I’ll be uploading again soon!



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