Editing My Pictures

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday to you all. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I edit my photos. Which is cool because people notice that I take time to make sure my pictures look good haha. So there are a few different apps that I use to edit my photos.

The first app is VSCO. I am absolutely in love with VSCO. It’s super easy to use and the pictures always turn out great! Basically you just upload your photos into your “studio” and then you can edit it. My favorite filter is the G1 or OAK 2 filter. It brings out the colors great. From there you can mess with the exposure, contrast, clarity, etc. then you can save it to your camera roll šŸ™‚ it doesn’t cost any money to download and it’s definitely a personal fav.

This pic has the OAK 2 filter on it to make it just a little darker

The next app I use a lot is HUJI. This app makes it look like it came from an old time camera. You just upload the photo and there’s option to change the lighting and add dates to it and what not. Then you just click develop and you’re done! Save it to your camera roll. I believe it did cost money to download but I can’t remember exactly. That one is my next personal favorite.

You can see the reddish tint on the side and also the date

The final app I use is kirakira+ is an app I use not as frequently but I still use. You can snap a photo and add different color and sparkle effects to it. This app does cost $.99 to get but I highly recommend it and would say it’s totally worth it.

On this one you can see the sparkles I put on my tassel. This is actually called the kirakira+ filter

Finally, I have the most amazing friend who takes awesome pictures of me that she edits and does on her own. Everyone hit up Bri if you ever need anything done!

Picture she did awhile back

So, this is how I edit and do my pictures. A lot of people asked if I use Snapchat and filter them and I actually don’t use Snapchat. Very rarely do I ever use it. If you guys have any more questions just let me know! Comment down below or hit me up on my social media. Love you guys!



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