Disneyland Adventures

Hey guys! This past week I was in Disneyland!! I absolutely love Disneyland and I am not ready to leave and go back to reality haha. We started the week by getting here Tuesday. Wednesday we hit up Disneyland most of the day and it was way fun. We got this app called “Disneyland” and you can get all your fast passes and order meals on there. It cost $10 per person per day but it’s totally worth it and I highly recommend it.

Thursday we did Disneyland again. Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates, Indiana Jones, Thundermountain railroad, all of them! It was awesome.

Friday we went to Newport Beach for the day. My whole family got sunburnt really bad. I missed sunscreening different spots all over my body so I have weird patches haha. Not one of our better days.

This is my cute little brother who is much much tanner than me, as you can tell.

Saturday we stayed indoors mostly because we were all super sunburnt. I did get a henna tattoo on my hand and I love it! I also bought a super cute ring.

My awesome henna tattoo

Today consisted of Disneyland and California Adventure. The brand new Pixar Pier opened up so we went and rode the Incredicoaster, formally known as California Screamin, and Toy Story Mania. They were so much fun. However, we only rode them once because there were so many people that the lines were up to two hours long and the fast passes sold out super fast.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of this trip holds. We only have one full day left and I’m super sad but ready to be home as well. I’ll give you guys an update on Wednesday about the rest of the trip. Love you guys!



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