Where I’m From

Hey guys! I’m on vacation this week so I just thought I’d share another poem I’ve written. I wrote this one for an English project my senior year. Let me know what you guys think!

Where I’m From

I’m from crisp mountain air and clean-cut lawns.

I’m from the land of the cougars and I hear them roar in a football stadium packed with fans.

I’m from the quiet little town called Bountiful,

With big backyards for little ones to play.

I’m from vegetable gardens and flowerbeds where Mom works every day.

I’m from scented pine cones and Christmas trees, hot chocolate and sleigh rides.

I’m from the M&M jar on my grandpa’s desk, longing to see him again.

I’m from game nights and sleepovers, from baseball games and dance recitals each spring.

I’m from long summer nights on the ‘vard, watching fireworks with friends.

I’m from choirs and concerts and hours of practice in between.

I’m from the piano keys and the music they make.

Viewmont to Bountiful, old friends and new ones,

Both making memories to last a lifetime.

I have grown and I have changed, but this is who I am.

Today, tomorrow, and forever.

I wrote this obviously because I had to but I love where I live and I’ve grown up with big backyards and fireworks and hiking in the mountains and I love it. I wouldn’t change a thing about where I’ve grown up!

Hope you guys enjoyed. I can’t wait to tell you all about Disney this upcoming Sunday. Love you!



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