Adventure Awaits

Hey guys! I am headed to Disneyland this week and I am so excited! In preparing for Disney this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling and vacations. What’s the coolest place you guys have been? Comment down below where you guys have traveled. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel several different places. Hawaii twice, New York once, Boston twice, New Hampshire once, California countless times, and Vegas a handful of times. I absolutely love to travel! My most recent trip was NYC in April. I had the opportunity to go with my school choir and my best friends are in choir so I got to go with them! And my mom was a chaperone so that was honestly so much fun.

NYC, the big apple, the city that never sleeps, all of these are names for New York. And they are all true! People are always walking around, touring, working, relaxing, and so much more. I got to tour and relax. I was there Monday-Saturday and oh my heck…busiest, funnest, craziest 5 days ever. We took a red eye flight Monday night so we arrived early Tuesday morning. Like 5 am early haha. We got breakfast and immediately jumped on a bus and toured the city until lunch. From there, we were able to have some free time so, I went to Kleinfelds dress shop from the TLC show “Say Yes To The Dress” I love that show! So I was in heaven. My mom and I went to dinner and a movie that night, went to Carlos Bakery for pastries, and then went to bed early because we were very very tired.

Wednesday we got up and that day was performing at different cathedrals and wowowowwww were they absolutely amazing! St. John’s, St. Patrick’s, Riverside Church, and Grants Tomb. They were breathtaking. We had free time later so we explored the city. Central Park and Time Square!

(This is St. John’s Cathedral)

Thursday we performed at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Wow was it chilly! It was actually freezing haha. We were in big coats and hats and gloves but the experience was so fun! Yankees game later that night!

Friday we went to a workshop at a college, the One World Trade Center, dinner, and broadway show! School Of Rock! It was absolutely amazing and the kids were so incredibly talented.

(View from One World Trade Center)

Saturday was our final day. The weather was gorgeous so a small group of friends and I went and walked the Brooklynn Bridge. Later in the afternoon we went and saw Aladdin on broadway! Absolutely amazing again. We headed to the airport that night and headed back home.

(Fun pictures from performing and exploring!)

There were a few things I learned from that trip and good things to know for the future. The weather is totally unpredictable so be prepared for anything! It was 40 one day and pouring and the next it was 65 and gorgeous. The next thing I learned was there are cheap, yummy places to eat. There was a $1 pizza place right by our hotel and the pizza was big and delicious. You don’t have to spend $30 on a meal! Finally, NY is absolutely amazing and I’d love to go back there in a heartbeat. If you ever get the chance to go, do it! You won’t ever regret it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks read. Can’t wait to talk about my adventures at Disney this upcoming week. Love you guys!



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